Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Global Warming

Well, we are 'harming the planet' eh? With our profligate use of fossil fuels, our cavalier attitude to other species, our propensity to generate massive amounts of 'pollution'?


I mean come on, we could heat up the planet by 10 degrees centigrade in the next 12 months and believe me the planet isn't going to suffer. The human race might be wiped out but I can't see that the planet is going to take any significant long term 'damage'.

And it's not as if any action we take now is going to prevent the inevitable is it?

Even if the whole of the human population suddenly stopped all energy use, the way we've behaved in the past is surely sufficient to precipitate massive, inevitable climate change.

We can't even afford to stop pumping out air pollution. The only thing dampening down global warming is the massive amount of particulate pollution hanging about in the upper atmosphere, handily dumped there by power stations, aeroplane contrails and vehicle exhaust. Stop that and the amount sunlight reaching the ground goes up by about 20-30%, thus accelerating global warming significantly.

So, we're all doomed.. well most of us. The sea levels are going to rise, hurricanes will become more and more violent. Regional climates will change and food production will suffer. It seems that even higher levels of carbon dioxide will have a negative effect on our ability to produce food!

Anyways, all this should bring the population down a tad and so tip the balance back towards low energy use?

With the drastic reduction in human population we may well see another wave of new species come forth eager to fill the recently evacuated ecological niches once occupied by proud humanity.

Will the planet suffer? I doubt it.

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